Proud to be involved in push for GMO legislation

On March 30, I took part in the parade and rally to close and celebrate the first phase of gathering 8,500 signatures for a proposed legislation destined for the ballot in the November Maui County elections.

The proposal would place a temporary moratorium on genetic engineering and GMOs until proved safe, a measure filled with aloha, which does not discount the vision and dreams of using science to feed the world, a noble dream which seems to have been awakened by the suicide deaths of 265,000 farmers in India and the suffering of our own keiki and their families right here in Maui County being born with birth defects.

Perhaps with the passing of this law in 2014, the foundation will be anchored and laid for a healthy and prosperous life for all human beings, and the term GMO, in years to come, will no longer be hated but trusted and appreciated, based upon impartial scientifically proved, safe usage.

I want to acknowledge the leaders and visionaries who have sparked this movement, as well as every single foot soldier and signer, as we each do our part in this SHAKA Movement to save our keiki and the aina. I feel happy and honored to be just one of the many, who are making a difference as we continue to move into a world that works for everyone.

Roma Carlisle