Racist/sexist allegations have no credibility

Regarding the April 5 letter written to those who oppose the Affordable Care Act: First of all, my deepest sympathies for the letter writer’s loss.

What is unfortunate now is that many people will face that same plight because of Obamacare. The letter writer asked opponents not to be “reckless or factless” because they are against it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing that is reckless was passing a 2,000-page bill that nobody read.

The writer also stated that Republicans hate President Barack Obama because he is a black man occupying the White House. Once again, the race card. If people don’t like Obama, they must be racist. The same people who believe that also say that if people don’t like Hillary Clinton, they must be sexist.

I will say openly and very loud that I don’t like Obama because he lacks the experience needed to run a country. In fact, he has never ran so much as a lemonade stand. And I don’t like Hillary because I find her to be mean-spirited and ill-willed. Look at Benghazi.

I would have no problem with Condoleezza Rice in the Oval Office – she’s black and female and, above all, qualified. So there goes the racist/sexist theory.

Barry Kevin Winston