Ranch never paid for the trail in the first place

It is extremely ironic that Haleakala Ranch is complaining and arguing in court that it has “not been paid a penny” (The Maui News, April 9) for Haleakala Trail, a trail that it never owned or paid for in the first place.

Any basic study of Hawaiian history proves that the Great Mahele of 1848 completely eviscerated Native Hawaiians’ access and use of their own lands. Big-business owners like Haleakala Ranch grabbed as much land as they could and often paid nothing for it through a process called adverse possession. The Great Mahele left the vast majority of Hawaiian commoners homeless.

For Haleakala Ranch to be arguing in court under oath that it is owed something that it stole in the first place is nothing short of shameless. It is a 2014 version of the not-so-great Mahele.

Nancy Robberson