Require developers to meet housing obligations

The county could make units available for affordable housing if it only required the developers who have gotten approval for over 20,000 houses but not built them to act. They should be told if they do not build the affordable components as soon as possible they will need to begin the approval process all over.

Many of these units have been on the books for over 20 years with no action. Demands on infrastructure have increased since these units were approved.

There could be at least 3,000 to 5,000 affordable units if they were forced to build them before market housing.

Do not give approval for new developments to Maui Pineapple Co., A&B and others until they build what they have gotten permission to build. They should also be required to do the infrastructure first or post a bond making sure roads, sewage, utilities and parks are in place and taxpayers no longer foot the bill.

Years ago I added 55 feet to my house, and the permit said if not built in three months I would have to start all over. Why are developers any different?

Dennis Fitzpatrick