Requirement for voter ID is not too burdensome

Voter fraud is indeed a problem in the United States. Forty-six states have prosecuted and/or convicted cases of voter fraud. More than 2 million voters are registered to vote in multiple states. Over 1.5 million dead people are still on the voter roles.

Since people need a photo ID in order to get onboard an airplane (almost a necessity when leaving our island home), to purchase drugs as simple as Sudafed, as well as to enter most federal buildings, the requirement to provide the same identification in order to vote is not too burdensome.

One needs to wonder why some people do not want voters to be required to prove that they are indeed entitled to vote. This begs the question: Is there a nefarious reason to not require this? According to the latest polling, over 70 percent of the population is in favor of the photo ID requirement in order to vote.

Bud Allan