Requiring photo ID is in fact voter suppression

In response to “Where is the burden?” (Today’s Editorial, April 11): The burdens involved in obtaining a photo ID are multiple and are, in essence, a poll tax. A birth certificate will usually be required, and that has a cost which can be quite burdensome. Other difficult-to-obtain documents at some financial burden will be required if a birth certificate is not available.

The individual will usually have to appear in person for the picture, with documents in hand. That requires taking time off work and may require getting someone to drive you to the site, which may be miles away and only open at select times when voter suppression is the goal.

And while preventing voter fraud is a laudable goal, no study has found any significant number of attempted fraudulent votes. Photo ID is an answer looking for a problem. It has created a problem called voter suppression.

Richard A. Borrison