Residents kept in the dark about sports complex

I am a resident in the Maui Lani subdivision in Kahului. Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui has appropriated $22 million for a personal pet project, the Central Maui Sports Complex.

Money was appropriated during an $800 million state deficit in one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression. No public input from residents was taken. In fact, it was rushed through committee and kept it under the radar to avoid any opposition.

There is no public need for the sports park. It’s simply something Tsutsui wants.

The home developer in the area and the homeowners association it is funding misled homebuyers in the area, saying it would be a family-type park in order to sell more homes.

Despite growing opposition from the public and empty acreage nearby twice the size of the proposed park that would not infringe on the neighborhood, the lieutenant governor is moving forward. Despite outreach from the community, his answer is that is where the sports park is going in. Period.

Additionally, there is no intention of building an access road to the highway immediately. Instead, all the cars from these sporting events will come directly through the neighborhoods, which were never intended for this kind of traffic.

Add in the noise pollution, light pollution and alcohol consumption, and it destroys a beautiful family neighborhood. Not to mention the increase in drunken drivers cruising our neighborhoods. Not safe for our kids. A story of corrupt government, wasteful spending, lies and empty promises.

Jared Schmitz