Running to get government out of the classrooms

Imagine if teachers gave grades the same way they were paid. In kindergarten, all kids would get an F. By the 5th grade, everyone would get a C, and in the 12th grade, every student would have an A-plus.

It seems silly but that’s exactly how we pay teachers – by number of years in the system, not by value.

Bad teachers deserve to be paid less and good teachers deserve to be paid more. In some cases, much more.

My name is Joe Kent, and I’m running for Congress because I believe our educational system is broken. As a teacher for seven years, I’ve seen the monster of government invading the classroom. Government ties teachers’ hands behind their backs. It traps principals at every turn. And it allows bullies to harass good kids in the classroom.

I want to get rid of all the bureaucracy in education. Stop boring teachers and students with all these new regulations and just give teachers the freedom to teach. Get government out of the classroom. Give principals the power and freedom to adjust pay and you would see a new market for excellence in education. Teachers would strive hard to please principals. Principals would demand only the best teachers in the schools. And parents would be banging the principal’s door down to get their kids in that school. And our keiki would benefit with an outstanding classroom, and a brighter future.

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Joe Kent