Rush to judgment on GMOs violates premise of law

With no bias and no preconceived thoughts, we must question the possibility of legislation calling for a GMO (genetically modified organism) moratorium on Maui (The Maui News, April 8). Tyranny of the majority is no excuse to pass any legislation. Simply because umpteen thousand folks believe and want legislation the law must prevail. Not guilty till proven otherwise is the law of the land.

The jury is out on whether GMO is detrimental or beneficial to life. Voodoo science, hearsay and opinions no doubt prevail on all sides. However, until GMO is proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to be detrimental then expressly prohibiting its use is nothing better than a lynch mob hanging because the majority believes it is right to do it.

If the umpteen thousand believe that they will be harmed by ingesting GMO then, by all means, they should be able to make that choice. That should be the rightful extent of the law, pending proof. No other action should be enforced on Maui, as it certainly violates basic premises that our legal system is built upon.

Ray Phillips