Save more animals on Maui by adopting no kill

Do you really want to help more animals on Maui? Visit to find out more, find out what can be done and find out what no kill really means.

No kill is an open admission shelter, just as the Maui Humane Society is, and there are hundreds of other shelters committed to no kill around the country.

No kill is not stopping all euthanization, but it is doing all that can be done to help every healthy and treatable animal that comes through the door, while figuring out how to prevent others from coming in, including those labeled as feral.

It takes a community but it starts with those in charge of the main public shelter. What do you think would happen if everyone at MHS was passionate about the no-kill philosophy? If the new chief executive officer and the Board of Directors were completely for this? A lot more animals would be saved, just as they are done in Reno, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, etc. Yes, Maui should be doing this too.

If you disagree in any way, then you don’t understand what no kill is, and I urge you to research the subject, check out or instead of just going by someone else’s erroneous assumptions.

Put people at the helm who believe it and want to make it happen and it will happen.

Pam Wolf