Science a valuable tool to improve agriculture

What a wonderful time we live in. We can use science to improve agriculture with biotechnology. This technology is precise, highly regulated and costly, but makes a product that some farmers want to purchase and grow. Biotechnology is just one of the tools we have at our disposal today to improve agriculture, make it more sustainable and use fewer resources. That’s right, fewer resources, including pesticides.

Here and now, though, to speak out in favor of biotechnology and genetic engineering is like being a modern-day heretic. The anti-GMO inquisition spreads falsehoods and fear.

People used to believe that the world was flat, or that the Earth revolved around the sun. Early suggestions to the contrary were met with persecution. At least now, though, most people accept that the Earth revolves around the sun.

Do your research, have an open mind and beware of the anti-science inquisitors.

Nancy Rose