Sports complex will help fulfill a critical need

In response to the April 14 letter about the new ballfields to be built in Central Maui, the writer has made two fundamental errors.

First, there is a great need for well-maintained parks on Maui, and especially in Central Maui. The fields that are available for baseball, softball, football, soccer and other sports for youth and adult participants alike are always in use or out of service due to maintenance, and they’re hard to reserve for leagues and practices.

Second, there definitely were public meetings held months ago to discuss this project with the residents in the area and other interested stakeholders. I attended two such meetings at Pomaikai Elementary School, and I know I missed at least two other meetings that the lieutenant governor’s office scheduled. There were great comments made by the community and the administration was very responsive to all the questions and concerns from the public.

I certainly understand that the neighbors of the project are wary of some of the issues that may arise when the park is completed, but there are rules that the county and the state have traditionally put in place to address similar concerns at other facilities around the county, and it should be expected that similar rules and regulations will be implemented for the new project as well.

The youth of the county deserve the best athletic facilities possible and deserve to have the opportunity to use those facilities. This new park will certainly help fulfill that need.

Dave Jorgensen