Stop reckless opposition to Affordable Care Act

As a Democrat, I do not always agree with President Barack Obama, i.e., obvious political payback in his endorsement of Brian Schatz, not because of Schatz’s background of legislative experience, which is shallow at its best or worse, but on the basis that Schatz served as his Hawaii campaign chair in 2008.

However, I do agree with the president’s Affordable Care Act.

I lost my daughter to cancer last June. She often had to seek medical treatment through the emergency rooms of Honolulu’s hospitals because of her inability to obtain Medicaid for some bureaucratic reason or other.

I am grateful that 7 million-plus Americans have some kind of health plan thanks to the Affordable Care Act. I wish my Annie had had that back in 2008.

For those Republicans who still insist on throwing these millions of Americans under the bus, I say, “Please do not be reckless or factless in attempting to appeal this medical act.” Face it – it is not the medical benefits that they are against, it is because they hate this president, not only on ideological grounds but because he is a black man occupying the White House.

I say to those Republicans and, yes, even some Democrats: Fix whatever needs to be fixed of the medical act or, better still, what other alternatives are there that will provide medical care for those millions of Americans, like my Annie, who are forced to get treatments via the emergency rooms?

Mary Cochran