Stop the burning of sugar cane and coal by HC&S

We are saving the Earth. We are saving the planet for our children. This is what I hear anti-GMO (genetically modified organism) protesters saying.

Except all of them support Monsanto in one way or another. The gasoline they buy has ethanol in it, which comes from GMO corn. The cotton clothing they’re wearing comes from GMO cotton. All soy products come from GMO soybeans unless they’re organic. All corn sweeteners in almost all the products people buy comes from GMO corn. And the list goes on.

Lots of protesters living on fear. Fear is false expectations about reality. You really want to change something? Change something here on Maui.

We all breathe smoke the contains plastic and other chemicals. We have ashes that fall in our yards. And this company burns coal, which puts mercury in the ocean, which ends up in the fish we eat. Wow.

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co., stop burning sugar cane, stop burning coal.

Peter Sisco