There’s a reason for location of bikeway fence

In response to a question raised in a March 31 letter: The land the bikeway was built on belongs to Alexander & Baldwin. The company was willing to part with its use of the land without charge to the county but it wanted to maintain its seed cane field between the bikeway and the ocean.

At first, the company asked the county to install a chain-link fence to secure its field. But a community activist foresaw that the chain-link fence would become an eyesore and won a compromise. A&B agreed to the use of the same type of low-rail fence used at Baldwin Beach Park to delineate its property. It was determined that the distance between the highway and the bikeway was far enough that no safe fence was needed on the highway side of the path. In the years of its operation, that has proved true.

The Paia-Baldwin Park bikeway is planned as a part of the Northshore Greenway, a 7-mile path connecting Paia to Kahului. The last phase of that effort, between Baldwin Beach Park and Spreckelsville, is now on the county’s drawing board. Like the Paia-Baldwin path, the remaining section is meant as a safe route for bicyclists and pedestrians to get around without a car.

A&B should be congratulated for its willingness to allow the community to use its land to make living on Maui more enjoyable for all.

Dave DeLeon