Timing of Kihei stoplights needs to be adjusted

The stoplights that are located at the top and bottom of East Lipoa Street and the one at the top of Piikea Avenue in Kihei take a while to change. Sometimes, it takes 10 minutes to get out because people want to use the stoplight. I am there pretty much every day during rush hour (3:30 to around 5 p.m.), and it affects me directly.

Most of the people who use these stoplights have either finished work or school or are on their lunch break, and if it takes so long to change then they will have less time to eat. If the child has just finished school and is enrolled in after-school sports like basketball or soccer, they might be late.

It would be much appreciated if these stoplights could be modified to make the light for those who are already on the highway a little shorter because traffic gets backed up.

Some days the traffic is really bad that it goes past the entrance of Kihei Elementary, and sometimes even to the next stoplight. Also, if the light that is by Times is backed up, a line of cars forms and goes past the gas station.

Taylor Ching