Voter fraud is a smoke screen from the far right

I’m pretty sick and tired hearing all the lying about a virtually nonexistent voter fraud. Perhaps over time we can have photo IDs but we don’t need them. The percentage of people who vote more than once is so small it is literally insignificant.

What this is all about is to make it difficult to vote so the far right can take over the country and turn it into an oligarchy. In case you don’t know what that means, it is when a few of the very rich and powerful ignore the Constitution and take over rule of the country. The aim being to eliminate our middle class and have only a small number of very rich leaving the majority to be poor with little hope of advancement.

This is clearly the goal of the current Republican Party, which is no longer conservative but a scam. Republicans are already holding most of the control. An example is that 90 percent of the people want gun control but are ignored. Some states are closing all public restrooms so people who are forced to wait in long lines for lack of enough voting stations will not vote for fear of having to use a restroom while waiting. Can we actually put up with that?

We desperately need to protect our voting rights. If we don’t, eventually there will be civil war because Americans are used to freedom and will not tolerate anything else once they learn the truth.

Pippo Schillaci