Waikapu location better suited for sports complex

On Oct. 15, The Maui News reported that Maui County had finalized the purchase of 209 acres south of Waiko Road in Waikapu for a park that will contain multiple fields for soccer, baseball, tennis and football. This acquisition and the 65 acres proposed behind existing Maui Lani residents are both referred to as Central Maui Regional Park. The 209-acre parcel in Waikapu is in an area where there are no adjacent residences.

The Waikapu site is already owned by the county, planned to have fields for multiple sports, not located adjacent to any residential areas and only a mile or so from the sports complex proposed next to a peaceful, quiet Maui Lani neighborhood. Why not move the state-sponsored sports complex to the county-owned 209-acre Central Maui Regional Park? After it’s built, the state’s sports complex is going to be turned over to the county anyway.

Advantages to moving the state’s proposal are: the sports organizations get more fields and amenities than in the original, crammed-together design proposed for Maui Lani; adjacent homeowners will not have to endure the constant problems associated with having a sports complex right behind their neighborhood; and a real park can be developed in the 65-acre site next to Maui Lani. A more family-oriented park will benefit the surrounding community and raise property values. Increased property values will create additional property tax revenue for the county, which it will need to maintain the increased number of parks.

Reatha Sorensen