Abundant opportunities for voter fraud and abuse

Oh my. Those mean right-wing nuts are at it again. They want to restrict the voting rights of people to vote by claiming there is fraud in the registration system.

Our First Amendment gives us the right to say most anything without questioning our honesty or integrity. However, they have no shame if anyone implies there is no problem with our present voter registration system. The national decentralized system run by the governor of each state offers abundant opportunities for fraud and abuse if not keenly observed.

Consider the following:

* The 2012 Pew report found that there were 1.8 million deceased people listed as active voters.

* In court papers filed last year, Virginia noted that a limited cross check with 21 other participating states, excluding California, Texas and New York, showed that 17,000 voters were registered in three or more states.

* In the 2012 national election cycle, hundreds of voting precincts in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida reported that 100 percent of their votes were cast for Democrats. Not only that, several precincts reported that 100 percent of their registered voters cast ballots. How unusual is that?

It takes a vast amount of administrative skills and oodles of money to get people registered in various states and get their absentee ballots cast. The only inquiry from Republicans, libertarians or Tea Partyers ever: Is the ballot honest and without intimidation? Would that it were so.

James Wagoner