Airport terminal is an embarrassment to Maui

I travel a lot and I am embarrassed by the Maui airport terminal. Not the excellent staff and workers who understand and deliver aloha all the time, but the dirty, bunkerlike, dark and oppressive terminal buildings. Surely not a structure that celebrates or complements its majestic environment.

One of the world’s most spectacular islands has one of the ugliest terminal complexes. Honolulu is no better. Was this on purpose?

We deserve and should insist on a public facility that celebrates Hawaii and its natural beauty, the first and last symbol of aloha for visitors and locals alike – not this cold, grey cement, tin-roofed monolith that faces both the spectacular beauty of Haleakala and the West Maui Mountains.

It is uninspired, aesthetically and architecturally bankrupt, and far from what Maui deserves.

Vincent Linares