Article failed to reveal dangers of smart meters

The Maui News did the community a disservice in the April 29 front-page article on smart meters in Maui Meadows. It failed to look into the very real and increasingly well-documented health hazards of being subjected to electromagnetic radiation, particularly in the microwave band.

The truth is, the electromagnetic frequencies in which we are all daily bathed disrupt the body’s cellular communication. Some people are more sensitive than others, but we are all getting hit.

I know several people on the Mainland who began suffering unbearable headaches and a host of other physical ills when smart meters were installed in their homes. They finally figured out the likely cause, moved, and voila – no more symptoms.

It means nothing that the Cascadia PM report indicates the Maui Meadows project does not exceed federal limits for exposure. Since when, particularly with an emerging health issue, have federal standards initially ever been accurate?

Our children are the canaries in this coal mine, and they will pay the price if we don’t pay attention.

Laurel Murphy