Beware of propaganda in promotion of smart meters

Whoever thought we needed to look at our electric meters to see if we are safe or being physically harmed by them or we could lose our fundamental and constitutional rights to privacy in our own home and lives (The Maui News, April 29)?

Beware green-washing propaganda spin words like smart, modernization, cost-saving, clean energy and safe when promoting smart meters. We are not being warned or informed regarding actual biological risks of combined radiation-emitting smart meter risks in neighborhoods and inside our homes.

Check online to learn the differences between a safe, long-lasting analog meter, a claimed digital analog, a smart meter and a photovoltaic with the supposed smart chips; also learn what they look like, health and environmental risks according to independent scientists, hacking and surveillance issues – and not just the benefits the industry says they are. Utilities have a vested financial interest superseding fundamental health, safety and privacy rights.

If we get opt-out, it does not necessarily mean no consent. Utility strategy often just gives people the choice to defer smart meters (implied consent). Silence means tacit consent. One cannot always get an analog meter back, either.

Ask people on Kauai, who are now trying to opt-out, about the lack of consumer protection. Understand how insidious the smart meter program is. View short YouTube videos on people versus utilities. Search online “smart meter lawsuits.”

Look for no consent to smart meters forms, and act now.

Unmani Cynthia Groves