Boot the mayor out again, and this time for good

After our mayor, Mr. Alan Arakawa, refused to sign a petition that would simply allow a vote on genetically modified organisms in our community, a May 18 letter writer wrote: “And so my question to the public is: What kind of mayor would not support a citizen’s democratic right that allows you to decide on a community issue of grave concern?”

I’d like to answer that one myself. A man who has a single purpose of building up his contributions as well as supporting big business regardless of their impact on our communities. He has a long history of this. A man who is supposed to represent the people and only interests that benefit the people. As well as a person who is supposed to also represent our rights and those rights as they’re outlined in our Constitution. Not the least of those being the right to put forth issues for public approval.

Time for a change again. This time, when he gets booted out let’s keep him there.

Jimmy Muschietti