Council needs to fix county’s disparities in pay

I am an administrative services assistant in the Department of Public Works – Highways Division and am writing in support of equal pay for equal value for women. I am also urging all County Council members to support the repricing committee’s movement for equal pay.

About a year ago, myself and others in similar positions verbalized what we felt were inequities in what we are paid in comparison to what laborers are paid. I remember thinking back then that 50 years ago President John F. Kennedy passed the Equal Pay Act of 1963, and back then it was said that the disparity between wages for women versus men was 59 cents to a dollar. Can you believe that in 2014 the disparity is still 77 cents to a dollar? It’s embarrassing that it has taken us 50 years to gain just 18 cents. At this rate we’ll have equal pay in 67 years, maybe?

On April 8, the council declared Equal Pay Day for the County of Maui. That was a great start. Next step: Council members, get down to business, look at the disparities and make the hard decisions to fix things.

Claudia Kalaola