County failing to pave roads that really need it

The County of Maui roads need paving, with all those potholes. Why keep covering them up? Once the rain hits all that asphalt they come right back out. What happens when we hit the pothole and blow our tire because we can’t avoid traffic? Who gets stuck paying for a tow truck and for a new tire?

The county seems to be paving every road except for the roads that need it the most.

Kokomo Road is ridiculous, and so are the roads that have schools. Kids walk on these roads, and we drive on them.

Would you like to drive on these roads with potholes every day and ruin your tires?

The county gets paid to do its job the right way. Every day someone out there is paying for a tow truck and new tires due to these potholes.

Our roads need paving. Stop working on the roads that don’t need work, and start working on the ones that need it the most.

Tiana Momoa