Difference between hybrids and GMOs is distinct

It is clear to me that there is a distinct difference between genetically modified organism and hybrids. GMOs are created through gene splicing, creating what I believe to be an unnatural result. For instance, some vegetable varieties are spliced with genes from a naturally occurring pesticide to create a GMO. There are others, but this is one example.

A crop hybrid is created through grafting or pollination. Hybridization of plants occurs in a fashion similar to that of the co-mingling of closely related species, such as horses and donkeys. These blends are possible because nature allows it by creating the new gene strands using its own wisdom.

At this time, the GMO industry and its supporters are at serious odds with consumers who would like to know more and receive greater assurances that they are being honestly informed about the process and effects of GMOs. Both sides are accusing the other of incomplete or invalid science.

I am very compelled to err on the side of caution. I am basing my stand on my current knowledge of biology and the many dangerous and destructive human made miscreations that I have seen throughout history and in my lifetime. I am very inclined to believe that GMOs are among these mishaps.

Alana Kay