Dirt field not the place for graduation ceremony

I was appalled when I read that the 2014 graduates at Kihei Charter School’s graduation ceremony would be in a dirt field (Letters, May 16).

First of all, the future school is not for them, as they are graduating. We do teach our children to advocate for what is right, but evidently school board officials are too lazy to take the time. To ignore a student’s request to meet is wrong and the board member should be fired.

The board should have its next meeting in this field at 5 p.m. in the hot sun and see how members like it.

If they do have the funds for the resort, then why not go ahead with that venue? If a deal was made if the funding was approved for a new school, then the graduating class would have this venue, that is wrong and sneaky. Why wasn’t this told to them before now, instead of disappointing our future college graduates who will make a difference in our world?

I am hoping someone steps up and offers a venue to this class so they will remember an awesome ceremony without dirt on their shoes.

Tere Patterson