Don’t believe scare tactics aimed at smart meters

South Maui has grown to the point that our electrical distribution system is at its limit. This problem occurs at the peak hours for electrical use (5-8 p.m.). The sun is down, the winds calmed and we are dependent on the Maalaea plant for all our power. A simple downed line at the wrong time could black out all of South Maui. The backup lines come through Upcountry and the long trip causes the voltages to drop too far.

Maui Electric Co. is working on solutions to this problem. On-demand power sources, batteries and, of course, additional wires – down Piilani Highway. Demand management is another option, with selected blackouts of noncritical users.

But the best solution is conservation. If we could just not use as much power at that time, we could avoid the new wires and save money as well. But we need a tool to help us, and the best tool is smart meters.

According to some, smart meters are a health hazard. Why? In a world of cellphones, Wi-Fi, radar-equipped cars and cordless phones, why is this one source so evil? Do these opponents simply dismiss all the recognized studies that have been done, or do they really believe their unscientific studies? Maybe they really want to ban all wireless communications – take away cellphones and Wi-Fi.

Electricity on Maui is expensive. Don’t let them scare you. Their approach will cost you money and deny you modern communications. Demand smart meters.

Greg Stratton