Don’t count Hannemann out in race for governor

This letter is in response to the April 25 editorial regarding the announcement that Mufi Hannemann has officially entered the 2014 Hawaii gubernatorial race.

The entry of former Honolulu Mayor Hannemann into the governor’s race provides the people of Hawaii with a viable alternative, a moderate and centrist candidate who will put people first, rather than being driven by ideology and party politics.

As the editorial writer stated, Hannemann’s announcement as a Hawaii Independent Party candidate is a move that will assure he will be in the general election. What was not stated was that Hannemann has a strong track record of winning when he is in a general election, as he did when he won the race for mayor of Honolulu in 2004 and 2008. This is when more people vote, and he was able to draw from Democrats, Republicans and especially independents.

The editorial assertion that the “three-sided fight” should provide a “clear path for the governor’s re-election” is highly debatable.

A veteran political commentator stated on an Oahu television station the day that Mufi entered the race that he believes that Hannemann can win in 2014.

The Washington Post elevated the Hawaii gubernatorial race to the Top 15 in the nation in 2014 as most likely to change control due to Hannemann’s announcement that he is running as an independent party candidate, and further acknowledged, as The Maui News did, Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s unpopularity as a factor.

Michelle Del Rosario