GOP has lost sight of its own alleged principles

Regarding “Choose GOP candidates in midterm election” (Letters, May 24): Since when does the Republican Party defend liberty against tyranny?

The Republican Party has been busy tyrannizing the country for generations with its failed big-government solutions to social problems. Its pointless war on marijuana has produced absolutely zero accomplishments in over 70 years, and yet it continues to advocate this big-government solution to a social problem.

Republicans also want the government to decide who can and can’t get married, as if it is the proper role of government to legislate morality. I laugh at any Christian who gets their morals from the government and politicians – what a joke.

The biggest problem with the Republican Party is that it doesn’t seem to understand the principles which it allegedly stands for. Liberty and limited government aren’t just words, they are principles. You don’t get to pick and choose when they apply and when they don’t. This is why the American Civil Liberties Union defends the Ku Klux Klan’s right to free speech – it isn’t defending the KKK, it’s defending the principle of free speech.

Likewise, when you defend a person’s right to use marijuana or get married to whomever they want, you aren’t defending marijuana or gay marriage, you are defending liberty.

Bronson Kaahui