Greedy companies threatening aloha spirit

The Azeka Shopping Center in Kihei has seen its share of closed businesses in the last several years. Now Stella Blues, an icon of Azeka Shopping Center for 23 years, has closed its doors (The Maui News, April 29).

Are property-management companies that greedy that they don’t care about good business relationship? It’s all about money and how much profit they can make. I do understand the profit part because I, myself, am a businessperson. However, not how longtime tenants are treated.

Most property-managing corporations and property landlords on Maui are seen as rapacious, money-grubbing and commercialistic businesspeople. This kind of evil, who we greet with aloha, takes our breath, spirit and soul and leaves us to die as they make a profit.

It reminds me of the movie “The Corporation,” the pathological pursuit of profit and power. They would do anything to devour and step on anyone to make a profit.

We’re really starting to act and look like Oahu but in smaller scale – for now. Is this what Maui really wants? I do not think so. But who’s there or here to help us keep the aloha spirit as Maui grows? Sorry to see your doors close, Stella Blues.

SeaRay Beltran