Interisland cable would help reduce energy waste

The article “State to HECO: Accept alternatives” (The Maui News, April 30) stated, in part, that “it ordered the utility to develop plans to connect various island grids.” Does this mean that the interisland electric cable between Maui and Oahu will happen? I have read so much about how we are throwing away our alternative energy because we can’t always use it all. Won’t connecting the two islands help with this?

I am glad the state is asking Hawaiian Electric Co. to join the modern world in making our state less reliable on fossil fuels and more energy efficient. Let’s all applaud this effort and encourage HECO to actually do something rather than just talk about it.

We can make the state of Hawaii one of the premier examples on energy use and distribution to the rest of the U.S. rather than throwing away energy other states would love to have. The time is now for the next generation.

Claire Debever