Keep proposed tourist attraction out of Kulamalu

At a recent Pukalani Community Association meeting, a plan for developing an Epcot concept for the Kulamalu Town Center, property that Grace Church owns, was proposed by the church’s pastor. The plans are being drawn with a show and exhibition project that will be an attraction to several million Maui visitors.

The residential folks at the Kulamalu Town Center strongly object to this intrusion of people with the idea of increasing traffic, noise and confusion into our community. We certainly welcome Grace Church into our community, but not a Maui Disneyland. The idea of paying an admission fee for entry into what is supposed to be a church – sacred ground – is not a proper use on this land.

We welcome Grace Church as a church in our community but not as a tourist interruption into our homey atmosphere causing undue problems that accompany an Epcot development.

William and Terry Blietz