Mechanical harvesting yields many benefits

Interested Maui citizens have written about the need for mechanical harvesting of green sugar cane. It has been mentioned that two mechanical machines were purchased and the yield was not as expected in part due to the uneven terrain. There are machines that can handle any type of terrain.

Having done some research, I found that “mechanization of sugarcane harvesting can increase productivity and income generation. Eradicating pre-harvest burning can reduce environmental harm and increase energy cogeneration potential.

“Mechanization eliminates the need for burning, speeding up the collection process, eliminating harmful emissions from smoke, reducing crop wastage and thus increasing productivity in terms of energy generation. Electricity generated from sugarcane biomass can also be sold to the grid, increasing both producers’ income and the national energy supply.

“Mechanization of sugarcane harvesting in Brazil has been shown to decrease environmental impact and waste, while also increasing efficiency, energy cogeneration and thus sector profits and national energy security. Learning from Brazil’s years of trial-and-error, other countries could build an ethanol production system with these benefits from the outset.”

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Anna Wynn