No-kill advocates should open their own shelter

I’ve been avidly reading the letters and applauding the people involved in the no-kill movement. After all, who wants to see a cute cuddly puppy euthanized due to a space issue at Maui Humane Society.

However, I’m not seeing in this discussion solutions other than telling MHS how to run its privately held business. It appears MHS officials have made their business decisions for whatever reasons. They have a right to do that. The community has a right to agree or disagree.

It would, therefore, seem more logical for the no-kill movement to unite professionally and to open a parallel organization dedicated to its philosophy and run in accordance with its business practices. Certainly if a no-kill shelter existed many more people would use that facility over one that euthanizes.

One of the main reasons people give for dumping animals is that they don’t want to take the chance the animals would get euthanized at MHS. A no-kill facility might also reduce the dumping. It could even pressure MHS into changing its philosophy once officials see it up and working and successful.

At this point, many feel it is impossible to be successful. I say to the no-kill movement: Show ’em how it’s done.

After, all SPCA Maui started with a coffee, handshake and a few good men, and look at where it is now. Be positive. Be persistent. Good luck.

Leslie Farnel