Pay should be equal for entry-level jobs on Maui

While the nation struggles with the question of equal pay for women, we can stand tall and say we made women whole on Maui.

I worked as a human resources person for Maui County for 16 years back in the 1970s and ’80s and already felt the sting of inequality of pay for women. This is classic. The entry-level jobs for women (clerk) and men (laborer) have a large disparity in pay favoring men.

We who claim that everyone is our ohana must speak out when a large part of our ohana is unfairly treated. So I urge the Maui County Council to stand up for justice for all of the women of Maui and make pay equal for the entry-level jobs of women and men. It is time we make our wives, mothers, sisters, cousins and all women whole.

Stan Franco