Petition should be aimed at building moratorium

In Maui politics, we have a group of developers and elected officials who seem to love construction and traffic jams. We also have a spunky anti-genetically modified organism atmosphere that shows what can happen when we rise up against unwanted political direction.

The development on our beautiful island is out of control. We complain that Maui County never listens, but the truth is that we need to protest effectively.

The mayor and his Monsanto buddies never thought a bunch of nonvoting islanders would get organized enough to shut down a huge global corporation. But that’s exactly what’s happening.

That said, we need to rise up with another petition proving that any new traffic-clogging development is not wanted.

Have you seen the bulldozers getting ready at a variety of spots around the island? They plan on bringing Maalaea to a gridlock standstill. They want to fill in the vast grassy wasteland of the Lahaina Bypass. The old pineapple fields above Maliko Gulch are on their development list also.

A lot of areas are already a traffic nightmare.

The Maui General Plan (written by developers) for 2020 and 2030 is complete insanity.

Elections are in six months. Now is the perfect time to sign a petition for a building moratorium.

Alec Hawley