Political signs are up but same troubles persist

Well, here come the political signs again. The same lawns; the same names; the same business interests served; the same close-knit community favorites; the same short-term, small-island outlook; the same myths of religion, history, source and destiny; and the same worship of matter, money and masks of power.

Meanwhile, the Earth continues to be dug up; the water continues to be fouled; chemicals saturate our soils; the island’s main agricultural product damages the health; no plans are in place to house, feed and bed thousands of residents and tourists in the event of a natural catastrophe; officials continue to delay the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries for the ill; land taxes remain at ridiculously low levels; fisheries are depleted; commercial collusion exists everywhere one turns; long-term rental units increasingly are turned into vacation rentals; and a staggering increasing number of police cars continue to harass local drivers who are constitutionally and instinctively unable to obey the ridiculous speed limits.

Raphael O’Suna