Politics of today wouldn’t allow CCC-type agency

“Halekala park’s CCC a ticket out of poverty” (The Maui News, May 12) is an insightful story of one of millions who were saved from destitution almost 100 years ago.

Many, if not most, of the junior members of Congress of the United States have never heard of the CCC and would likely have no idea that the initials represent the Civilian Conservation Corps, an initiative begun by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932 to put Americans to work during the Great Depression.

To this day one can still see evidence of this program in Makawao town stamped into the sidewalk in front of Komoda bakery.

America in 2014 has an unacceptable number of unemployed, wanting, willing and able to work. But you would be pretty safe in betting against a repassage of this or a similar piece of legislation by today’s dysfunctional, self-aggrandizing legislators who spend most of their time bloviating with scant evidence of any achievements.

David L. Florence