President’s policies are harming health care

Maui Memorial Medical Center announces it will have to make cuts. There will not be enough income to cover all the costs of services it provides.

The chief financial officer said it is complicated to explain but reimbursements from medical insurance are reduced and new federal reporting requirements require expensive computers and people redeployed inputting data (instead of providing health care) as a result of the president’s Affordable Care Act.

Remaining income is offset by rising costs of labor and energy. Services will have to be curtailed or cut.

So, let’s see the agenda of our current president and his party:

* Force the cost of fuel and electricity to soar. Maui County residents pay the highest rates for electricity and gas.

* Keep your medical plan, your doctor, reduce your insurance costs and we would cover 40 million Americans with no insurance. The opposite is what has come about in each case.

* Those who purchased their own insurance would see cost reductions. Most have seen reduction in coverage, increased premiums and deductibles, and less services.

* Reduce hospital reimbursements to reduce costs to consumers. This is hampering our hospitals’ ability to provide critical services.

* Raise the minimum wage to $15, which will increase wages and costs to provide any product or service up to Maui consumers.

Our president and his party’s policies are eroding the quality of our health services and our quality of life on Maui. It is not complicated to understand.

Thomas Fairbanks