Proud to be involved in Maui Smart Grid Project

The Maui Smart Grid Project has paved the way for progressive change in energy conservation and sustainability.

As a volunteer in this project, I feel empowered to monitor and control my energy consumption. This has led me to make decisions like swapping out old, inefficient light bulbs with high-efficiency bulbs. It was encouraging to see the difference these changes made in my electricity bills.

Despite concerns raised recently about smart meters, I remain a supporter of the Maui Smart Grid Project. We need to focus our efforts on a constructive way to rid Hawaii of its addiction to fossil fuels. Hawaii consumers pay two to three times more in electric rates than Mainland residents, primarily because island power plants rely on burning expensive fossil fuels.

This pollutes the air we breathe and contributes to greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Paying for fossil fuel drains billions from our economy, depriving us of money that could be spent creating more energy efficiencies and putting the savings toward other resource management ideas.

While we should be always be wary of risks, we should exercise common sense and see if the Maui Smart Grid Project leads us to a less costly, more sustainable energy future. I am proud to be a part of a neighborhood that participates in looking for solutions in recycling and renewable energy resources. It is time for us to be assertively looking at ways to conserve all our precious power and water resources.

Kristin Holmes

Maui Meadows