So-called ‘War on Women’ is a political fraud

Personally I’m getting tired of hearing and reading the same old leftist talking points, so let’s examine one.

To quote Thomas Sowell, “The War on Women political slogan is in fact a war against common sense.” I agree wholeheartedly that this constant political ploy is nothing more than a statistical fraud used by Barack Obama, the media and many others on the left.

I find it fascinating that the same people that spend untold hours demonizing greedy U.S. corporations are so gullible as to believe that if you really could hire a women to do the exact same job, working the same amount of hours, that there would be any jobs left for men. Can you truly be so naive as to believe that if all U.S. corporations could increase their profits by 23 percent by just replacing their men employees with women, they wouldn’t?

In Sowell’s book “Economic Facts and Fallacies,” he shows that young male doctors earn much more than young female doctors. Why? As it turns out, young male doctors work on average 500 more hours a year. How do you suppose the left would present this to the masses? You guessed it, 77 cents on the dollar.

You see, in the real world it is not your work title but what you actually do that determines your income. If you factor same work, same hours, same training and experience, there simply is little difference.

Remember the left’s mantra: “Demonize dissent.”

Bill Botts