Sports complex is being forced upon residents

The May 1 Maui News article reporting on the meeting concerning the Central Maui Regional Sports Complex had a misleading headline. Supporters of sports did not clash with residents. Supporters of Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui’s ill-designed, misplaced sports complex clashed with Maui Lani residents who also support youth sports.

The only thing Maui Lani residents did was nicely propose a pono alternative to this facility, for our keiki and all who live on Maui. But Tsutsui said an alternative isn’t going to happen. So, like it or not – and we don’t – we are getting this monstrosity crammed down our throats. Crammed against our backyards.

Any good that may accrue to our keiki by having this sports complex is now far outweighed by teaching them that when you have high-placed political support feel free to trample your neighbors, pono be damned.

As egregious as this lesson was for our keiki, it wasn’t even the worst lesson inflicted on them that night. For, when the gentleman standing at the microphone said, “If you don’t like the way things are done on Maui, you know, maybe this is not the place for you to live,” some parents stood and clapped, cheering loudly, while Tsutsui, along with all attending Department of Land and Natural Resources representatives, just stood mute in tacit approval of such nonsense.

Aloha was thus dealt a grievous wound – not just on Maui but in all Hawaii.

Shame for what’s been done to our keiki, to our aloha.

Phillip Culver