Support bill to stop trade in dog and cat meat

As an individual who cares deeply about other species, I am respectfully requesting that state lawmakers diligently prepare for the passage of Senate Bill 2026 in legislative session 2015 by engaging in informed and democratic discussions about the reprehensible dog and cat meat trade, and make illegal the eating, selling, purchasing, possession, trading, bartering and giving or receiving of dog or cat meat in Hawaii.

For documentation of the dog and cat meat trade, please listen to Carroll Cox’s radio program of March 3, 2013. See and visit

I ask Rep. Joe Souki to put politics and culinary cultural preferences aside, and focus on the horrific cruelty to animals involved in this appalling trade. SB 2026 is absolutely necessary because dogs and cats are eaten in Hawaii.

Given his distinguished role as Hawaii speaker of the House, I expect him to exercise his authority to actively support SB 2026.

Don’t be indifferent to suffering. Show the world that you belong to the aristocracy of the decent and kind and good.

Barbara Steinberg