Unacceptable reasons given for not labeling GMOs

It is hard to speak to people who are in possession of power, science, public relations or management at Monsanto.

When you ask them bluntly: What are you hiding that you do not wish to have food labeled genetically modified? They counter with this: We are not hiding anything. The science is extensive, thorough and clear. We do not want to label products as such, because people are irrationally emotional and ignorant on this issue.

In other words, they are afraid that people will ignorantly choose not to buy their product. That their product, or the GMO products, will be unjustly penalized by low sales, because people are too ignorant to accept their science. They are too easily swayed by irrational fear and the warnings of equally ignorant people.

Precisely. The world needs GMO food and we cannot allow a small minority to halt a world movement.

Many other countries have already banned such products. Are their scientists inferior to the company’s? Are Europeans and certain Asians too stupid to understand the issues involved?

Secrecy very often indicates that someone seeks to hide wrongfulness. The same goes for misleading labeling or ambiguous words. If people knew what chemicals constituted natural flavors, they might very well steer clear.

They say we are fighting progress, but they are fighting freedom – freedom to choose with full knowledge. They speak of their rights, but conveniently try to prevent us from exercising ours.

Raphael O’Suna