User of smart meter pleased with performance

I have been a participant in the smart meter project in Maui Meadows for the past 22 months. I have been very pleased about the information my smart meter and associated in-home display are able to provide me. I can instantaneously view how much power I am both consuming and generating from my photovoltaic system.

But what I like most about my smart meter is that it helps Maui Electric Co. make informed decisions about power generation and allows MECO to make the best use of the excess power I generate from my photovoltaics. This should, in turn, lead to less oil being burned to produce power and more of my neighbors having the opportunity to generate their own power like I do.

As for the wild hysterics about smart meter safety, I am not sure what motivates this misinformation. No, my electric bill did not go up. No, there is no additional risk of fire. And as for radiation, I figure the cellphone I hold up to my ear is far more dangerous than the radio frequency device that is part of the meter mounted outside my home. But if someone doesn’t want a smart meter, that should be his or her choice. Just as if someone doesn’t want a cellphone that is his or her choice.

Thomas Croly