Using liquid natural gas would be good for Hawaii

Liquid natural gas could become the main fuel source to be used in Hawaii by big businesses within the next few years. LNG has been a clean fuel source for the continental United States for many years.

I think that LNG will be a good thing for Hawaii, especially if it’s used to replace diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is what is currently running the engines that make electricity. If companies that use large amounts of fossil fuels switch to LNG, it releases less carbon dioxide than diesel, which means it burns much cleaner. That will mean cleaner air for us to breathe and it would also bring down prices of gas because it is so abundant.

LNG is also a safer fuel source than fossil fuel. It is shipped extremely cold and is not explosive when it is liquid. It gets warmed up and turns to gas so it can be used as fuel. It’s a fairly simple process.

The long- and short-term effects of liquid natural gas are very positive for our state. Liquid natural gas would have fabulous effects in our beautiful Hawaii.

Shaylee Yamashita