Anti-GMO propaganda on Maui fueled by falsehoods

Two recent anti-GMO letters deserve comment. It is a shame the residents of Maui are being inundated with so many anti-GMO inaccuracies and innuendoes put forth by this fake, off-island movement. The use of deliberate falsehoods to sell this propaganda is shameful.

They are not educating anyone about the scientific facts involved with the biotech industry. Statements about needing more study, when well over 2,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies on the safety of genetically modified organisms are available. Reliable, scientific information is also available from federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Mainland universities and our own University of Hawaii. I guess the 4 billion acres of GMO crops planted worldwide is not proof enough of their safety.

One writer provided large dollar amounts spent by the biotech industry but failed to provide his source of information on these numbers, which most likely were spent defending itself against lawsuits from anti-GMO groups.

I am glad the other writer did not mention homeowner, state, county and the pest control industry’s use of pesticides on the aina. That would have been offensive to us homeowners and would have grouped us with our farmer pesticide users.

Google “antiGMO lies.”

Don Gerbig