Arakawa administration is lacking in transparency

The stranglehold of money and power on politics is abundantly clear throughout the Arakawa administration.

The most recent example? A Maui News June 18 article reports that the parks director has resigned after five months of paid leave. With an annual salary of $114,770, that is roughly $44,140 of our taxpayer money paid to Mr. Glenn Correa for not doing anything. That is more than a lot of people make in one year of hard work.

In 2006, he retired; this time he resigned. What’s the difference? Is it the police investigation? Where is the transparency and accountability of this administration? Shame on Mayor Alan Arakawa and Glenn Correa. If these individuals had any integrity whatsoever they would refund that money to the taxpayers.

I will be voting for Tamara Paltin for mayor on Aug. 9, and I urge folks who can’t stand corruption to do the same.

Margaret “Mugsy” Akana