Churches make a positive difference in society

A June 13 letter contained two misrepresentations about Grace Church – it is not a commercial enterprise (it’s a church) and the church never tried to erect a tower. Someone once wrote something to that effect but later retracted it, and the paper published the apology.

Criticism of churches is a rare occurrence since society recognizes that a church is not a building but a group of people – law-abiding taxpayers who serve a valuable purpose in a community. They’re firefighters, physicians, social workers, teachers and tradesmen.

Churches exist primarily to reach out into society and make a positive difference, mostly beyond Sunday.

Grace Church, which views all people as loved of God, has seen former alcoholics, drug addicts and felons transformed to become productive members of society. We’ve provided a food bank for needy families Upcountry for over 25 years. Members have taken in 128 foster children. Some regularly visit those in hospitals and prison. They have traveled overseas to help the poor. Locally, members have given money for medical bills and tuitions. With Habitat for Humanity, they built homes for local families. This is only the beginning.

And this congregation is not unique among the churches of Hawaii.

Church people give sacrificially of their time, talents and substance. I consider it a privilege to be associated with them, and all people of faith in Hawaii. They should not be unwarrantedly criticized.

Robb Finberg

Pastor, Grace Church